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Hubbard County law enforcement incidents report

Miscellaneous: Sept. 19: A Park Rapids caller reported a suspicious vehicle in a field; Fraud was reported in Menahga; An Akeley caller reported multiple damages to property; A domestic dispute was reported in Akeley; An active domestic at a neighboring residence was reported in Cass Lake;

Sept. 20: A Park Rapids caller reported a burgundy Ford Expedition parked in front of an apartment complex, occupied by three people, the reporting party advised the vehicle did not belong there; A scam was reported in Laporte; An abandoned vehicle was reported at 129th and 160th that had been there since early in the morning; A Park Rapids caller reported a driver without a license; A vehicle was reported all over the roadway in Lake George; A dispute between neighbors was reported in Park Rapids; A dispute between neighbors involving their children was reported in Nevis; A suspicious vehicle taking photographs was reported in Park Rapids; A resident on Co. Rd. 16 reported two suspicious males sitting in his ditch for no known reason; A possible computer scam was reported on 265th Ave.; A white mini van was reported swerving at varying slow speeds in Park Rapids;

Sept. 21: A Park Rapids caller reported being threatened on the bus; A Nevis caller requested officer assistance to retrieve property from a residence; A Nevis caller requested to have his wife's boyfriend removed from the property; A loud vehicle playing loud music driving up and down Fairwood Drive at late hours of the night was reported in Nevis;

Medical: Sept. 19: An ambulance was requested in Lake George for a 62 year old female having seizures with MS and high blood pressure; An ambulance was requested in Akeley for a party who just had surgery; An ambulance was requested on Innsbrook Drive for a female that had fallen;

Sept. 20: An ambulance was requested in Nevis for an individual that was dehydrated and needing to go the emergency room;

Accidents: Sept. 19: An female found in a vehicle up against the trees was reported in Hubbard County;

Sept. 21: A car reportedly hit a bear with minimal damage in Park Rapids;

Animal related: Sept. 19: A maroon Chevy pickup hit two deer and fled the scene in Laporte;

Sept. 20: A Nevis caller reported a deer carcass that looked to have parts removed; A Park Rapids caller reported horses out near Highway 34; A Nevis caller reported hitting a deer and was requesting officer assistance; A driver reported hitting a deer on Co. Rd. 29;

Burglaries, thefts: Sept. 19: A possible burglary was reported in Park Rapids;

Sept. 20:Theft of a gun was reported in Park Rapids; A Park Rapids caller reported a ladder stolen from a yard;

Fires: Sept. 19: An anonymous caller reported a fire.