Hubbard County District Court felony charges


The following information contains felony charges from complaints filed recently in Hubbard County District Court.

Terroristic threats

Jared Ray Halonen, 26, of Menahga is charged with one count of making felony terroristic threats. On Aug. 3 a Park Rapids police officer responded to the hospital for a report of a male suspect, identified as Halonen, disturbing staff and patients.

Hospital staff indicated Halonen was cursing loudly and staff did not feel safe because of his actions. According to the criminal complaint, the officer observed Halonen state multiple times he was going to get a gun and shoot and kill cops. The defendant also stated he was going to get a gun when he gets out of jail and shoot as many white people as he could.

The felony charge is punishable by up to five years in prison and $10,000 fine.

Criminal Vehicular Operation

Aaron Robert Jantz, 32, is charged with two counts of criminal vehicular operation in connection with a disturbance at Zorbaz in Lake Emma Township on June 25. A Hubbard County deputy arrived and spoke to an injured victim who said he was at Zorbaz when two males were causing a disturbance. The two males allegedly got into a white Ford Ranger pickup and tried to back into a group of persons standing in the parking lot, according to the criminal complaint. Zorbaz staff identified the driver of the pickup as Jantz.

The victim said he got on his motorcycle and tried following the pickup on Hubbard County Road 7 to see where they were going and the pickup allegedly slammed on its brakes and veered into the motorcycle.

The victim sustained cuts to his hand and foot, and stated he thought his foot was broken.

Officers spoke with Jantz at a residence and noted Jantz smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage, had blood-shot watery eyes, poor balance and slurred speech. Jantz was taken into custody and took a P.B.T. which showed a 0.11% blood alcohol content.

According to the criminal complaint, it is unknown if or how many persons in the parking lot were injured during the incident.

The felony charges are punishable by up to three years in prison and $10,000 fine.

Drug possession

Robert Joseph Fuller, 52, of Park Rapids, is charged with 5th degree drug possession after being arrested on Aug. 9. Park Rapids police officers observed a vehicle in town they knew to be frequently driven by Fuller. The officers knew his license was suspended and stopped the vehicle.

Officers informed Fuller his driving privileges were suspended and was placed under arrest.

The vehicle was towed and in a search officers located drug paraphernalia. According to the criminal complaint, officers found within the driver's reach a glass smokiing device, digital scale, a clear micro bag with a white crystal residue, a round pink pill identified by markings as Oxycodone Hydrochloride, and a second glass smoking device.

The micro bag contained .17 grams of methamphetamine.

A check of Fuller's criminal history reveals convictions for first degree controlled substance crime in 2004 and a fifth degree controlled substance crime on April 30, 2016.

The felony possession charge is punishable by up to five years in prison and up to $10,000 fine.

Possession of ammo/firearm

Michael Andrew Cutbank, 24, of Onamia was charged with one felony firearm possession. He is also charged with 5th degree felony drug possession. According to the criminal complaint, on Aug. 3 a Hubbard County special agent contacted Leech Lake police to be on the lookout for the suspect's vehicle. Cutbank was suspected of brandishing a handgun and possessing a large amount of heroin. The Leech Lake officer located the suspect vehicle driving on U.S. Highway 2 in Hubbard County where he conducted a traffic stop.

A K-9 indicated the presence of illegal controlled substances in the vehicle, which was then impounded and towed while a search warrant was obtained.

After obtaining a search warrant Hubbard County investigators located directly behind the defendant's driver's seat was a backpack which contained a semi-automatic 9mm handgun with a loaded magazine, the complaint states. Ammunition was also located under the gun.

Investigators searched the remainder of the vehicle and located brass knuckles, a book containing handwritten names, numerical amounts and narcotics lingo. Investigators also located a bag containing .59 grams of heroin, another bag containing. 73 grams of heroin, methamphetamine, and Naloxone HCI injection device for use if an overdose occurs.

A check of Cutbank's criminal history reveals adjudication of guilt for 2nd degree burglary in 2006, conviction of felony 5th degree controlled substance in 2015, conviction of 5th degree controlled substance in February, 2016 and conviction of 3rd degree controlled substance. His driving privileges were revoked in 2006 and continued through his arrest Aug. 3, according to the complaint.

The felony firearm possession charge is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and $30,000 fine. The drug possession charge is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and $10,000 fine.