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Permit granted for Lake Belle Taine family tradition fireworks display

By Jean Ruzicka

Fireworks will light up the sky over Lake Belle Taine in celebration of Independence Day this summer.

A permit has been granted for an outdoor fireworks display at sundown launched from the waters of Beauty Bay, Jeffrey Roehl the “supervising operator.”

The display has become a bit of a tradition for the Roehl family, last year the exception due to a permit issue.

But pyrotechnics, for which Roehl is licensed, will once again be launched from pontoons, buoys keeping boaters a safe distance from the launching points, Pat Roehl explained. “Safety is an important issue.”

The fireworks will be launched only if weather – lack of wind and rain – cooperates, she said, in which case the show will be rescheduled

The skyrockets will be visible from the Nevis boat public access.

The number of fireworks to be discharged, according to the permit, include “up to 150 consumer cakes, up to 300 consumer display shells, up to 150 three-inch shells, 100 four-inch shells and five cases of display cakes.”