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Cass County dog kennel owner gets jail time


The Cass County Attorney’s Office reports that Deborah Beatrice Rowell, age 60, of Pine River has pled guilty in a criminal case that was set to start trial on October 14.  Rowell pled guilty to one count of Failure to Provide Dogs with adequate shade in violation of Minnesota Statute 346.39, a misdemeanor level offense. 

A criminal complaint had been filed following the execution of a search warrant at Rowell’s kennel on July 16, 2013.  At the time that the warrant was executed, more than 100 dogs were seized due to conditions discovered on the property.  Rowell was charged with 9 violations of law ranging from general neglect of animals to deprivation of necessary shelter, shade, enclosure, ventilation and water.  All of the offenses were either misdemeanor of petty misdemeanor offenses.  Under Minnesota Law, even if convicted of all offenses at trial, Rowell could only be sentenced on one count.

Rowell was sentenced to serve 90 days in jail and pay a fine of $135.  All of the jail time was suspended for one year provided she complies with conditions set by the court.  Those conditions include that she comply with all state laws regarding the care of animals and that her kennel be subject to inspection by law enforcement at all times. 

The issues of the initial seizure of the animals as well as their ongoing care and disposition were litigated in a separate civil proceeding.  A district court judge has concluded that the seizure of the animals was legally justified.  None of those issues were included in the disposition of the criminal file.