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Wellspring reaches 100 wells milestone; work continues

Wellspring for the World, a non-profit organization with bases in Fargo and Park Rapids, has just passed a significant milestone in its eight-year history.

Through donations received over these past eight years, Wellspring has now completed 100 new water wells for the benefit of children and families living in Third World countries. This means 40,000 people who were drinking contaminated water on a daily basis now have access to a new life through safe, clean water wells in or very near their own village.

World Vision has been the close partner of Wellspring since inception. Each well originally had a total cost of $18,000 to prepare, drill, maintain and educate the village on water and sanitation procedures. All donations were matched by the Hilton Foundation, so $9,000 actually created a new well.

It took nearly six years to receive enough donations to reach 45 wells. With better technology, the total cost of a new well in Third World countries decreased to $15,660 two years ago. World Vision also secured another national matching partner, so all donated dollars are now matched twice and the cost to create a new well dropped to $5,220.

Growth at Wellspring has been remarkable in the last two years, with the new chapter in the Park Rapids community providing a significant contribution to Wellspring’s success of adding 55 wells in the last 24 months. Since the Park Rapids Chapter of Wellspring was formed in August 2011, it has received donations for 17 wells.

Over $90,000 has been given by donors from the Park Rapids area in the past two years, resulting in more than 6,500 children and their families benefitting from safe, clean water for the first time in their lives. The World Vision website states, “No other humanitarian intervention produces a more dramatic effect on life than access to clean water and sanitation.”

In April 2013, three couples from the Park Rapids area each made a commitment to match gifts made to Wellspring-Park Rapids up to the cost of a complete water well. Therefore, donations through the end of 2013 adding up to $15,660 will now result in six new wells being completed because of these local matches combining with the two national foundations already matching every single dollar contributed to Wellspring. Since each African well brings clean water to approximately 400 children and their families, Wellspring-Park Rapids expects to change the lives of at least another 2,400 people with 2013 donations.

Every day, over one billion people continue to drink, bathe in and use dirty water. Donations can be sent directly to Wellspring for the World, PO Box 936, Park Rapids, MN 56470.