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Each PR high school student to receive iPad


Every Park Rapids Area High School student will be receiving an iPad, principal Jeff Johnson told the school board Monday night of the upcoming school year.

The decision, he said, came after consideration of resources and possibilities the touch screen tablets hold, following iPad implementation last winter.

“The integration team, looking at all aspects, recommended one-to-one deployment,” he told the board. “We are looking at the future of technology.”

In February, 81 computers were in the high school classrooms. The number and enthusiasm grew as the weeks progressed.

Teachers who had been using Smart Boards were soon controlling the interactive whiteboards with iPads.

“The social studies department was on fire with this,” Johnson told the board. Three islands of iPads were in use, with business classes, special education and science classes employing them.

By year’s end, 216 iPads were in the classrooms. “We’re half way to the high school initiative,” he said of the projected need for 430 iPads.

“We want what’s best for the students. We think this is a great step,” Johnson said. But he emphasized, “This is a tool. It won’t take away teachers.”

Superintendent Lance Bagstad and business manager Carol Hutchinson are “working on the financial aspects,” Johnson said. He is working on policies and setting up staff training, as well as determining the applications that will be used.

“We believe this will help prepare students for the future,” Johnson said.