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Faith Baptist now called Faithbridge Church

Faith Baptist Church is changing its name to Faithbridge Church,

The decision to change the church name, which it’s been known by for the past 45 years, “reflects our desire to better convey our motive for ministry – our heart – through our church name,” Dr. Martin Giese, lead pastor explained.

It came about as a result of a five-year process of prayerful evaluation that began with a leadership discussion about the importance of church names and the meaning those names convey, he said.

Studies show that the new generation of church attenders choose a church based upon how the church relates (the presence or absence of love) and the truth that it lives out (not merely professes) in congregational life, Giese said.

Studies also show that historic denominational names convey different meanings to different generations and convey different meanings to those inside the church than those outside the church.

“That awareness led to a discussion of our church name and ultimately a recommendation that we consider the process of a name change,” he said.

The name, Faithbridge Church, came about after an invitation to the congregation to submit names for consideration. From that large list, the pastoral team recommended three finalists.

The church board selected Faithbridge Church as the name to submit to the congregation for final affirmation - along with an accompanying motto: “Connect, Belong, Become.”

Changing the church name does not modify denominations or teaching, Giese said.

“Our denominational affiliation and teaching will remain the same.”

In summarizing the meaning, Giese explained, “The name Faithbridge points to the wonderful truth of God’s grace and love for us in bridging the great separation between man and God through Jesus’ death on the Cross.

“At the Cross, Jesus took the punishment of our sin on himself and died in our place. Jesus invites us to leave our self-directed life behind and enter a personal relationship with him through faith – trusting him to forgive us, live within us, and give us his gift of life forever.

“The motto ‘Connect, Belong, Become’ is an invitation to connect with Jesus and people who love him, to belong to his forever family, and together with fellow believers, become all that He desires us to be,” Giese said.