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Bullride brings best bulls, cowboys to Park Rapids

At left, this bucking bull gets some air as it leaps into the air during a ride Friday night at the PBR Professional Bull Ride. (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)

Those who flocked to the area for the PBR Professional Bull Ride didn't leave disappointed.

Despite the drenching Saturday night the weather cooperated, allowing people to spend time outdoors for the rodeo Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

"We thought it was a great weekend overall," said PBR Professional Rodeo organizer Randy Jokela.

"We had some real great rodeo fans out there," he said. "Saturday's crowd was monstrous."

The rain Saturday night started right about the time of the last ride, so timing couldn't have been better.

"These were some of the best bulls and I think people could really witness how good they were because these were the best cowboys and they were struggling to keep on," Jokela said.

There were a few injuries this year. One cowboy had a broken arm, another had a very bruised arm and another had a concussion, Jokela said. They were treated, he said.

The top payouts this year were:

Ned Cross, of Dorris, Calif., $9,683

Reese Cates, of El Dorado, Okl., $5,282.15

Matt Werries, of Chaplin, Ill., $4,040.65

Cody Campbell, of Summerville, Ore., $3,595.38

Brett Stall, of Detroit Lakes, $2,975

Casey Sterling, of New Underwood, S.D., $1,250.35

Sevi Torturo, of Wayne, Ok., $930.78

"We're already looking forward to next year's rode," Jokela said. "We're planning for July 1-3, 2011."

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561