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Cody’s Corner: Briards are great dogs

Mimi Long walks Sonny, her Briard. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

By Sarah Smith

Mimi Long of Lake Emma has a Briard, a big, happy sheepdog that wears her out.

Sonny is a happy, active dog that looks like a horse.

Mimi used to take her other Briard, Moby, to nursing homes as a therapy pet. Moby passed away a year ago. He truly looked like a whale.

According to the American Kennel Club, Briards “are happiest leading a busy, active life. This breed is an independent thinker, so patience is necessary when training. Like many sheepdogs, this breed may be wary of strangers. However, the Briard is very sensitive to his family’s feelings and makes an excellent pet if time and effort is put in to raising him. Grooming wise, the breed’s coat needs brushing every day to prevent mats.”

The website described the dogs as “a heart wrapped in fur.”

Mimi takes Sunny walking daily and both are in great shape.

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Sarah Smith

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