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Letter: Trust others by actions, not words

There are times in life when it is of paramount importance to be able trust another’s word. An example would be if serious medical treatment is needed. If a physician tells you he has an outstanding medical practice record, but in fact evidence shows the contrary, would you want to entrust your treatment to this person.

Enbridge is working to create confidence in its safety record by carefully worded advertising. Does Enbridge’s safety record show that we can take them at their word?

Enbridge is asking us to entrust our precious water resources and aquifers to their, “word.” This is a situation that is of paramount importance to anyone who cares about our natural resources and for the economic future of our area.

If the environment is of top priority to Enbridge, would they plan a pipeline that crosses 28 streams and water crossings that are inaccessible.

This year, the National Energy Board of Canada denied Enbridge final approval for the Line 9 pipeline reversal citing that Enbridge did not meet a basic condition which is installation of shut off valves on both sides of ALL major water crossings. The NEB reported Enbridge to have shut off valves for only 6 of 104 major water crossings. There are numerous reports of Enbridge spills, leaks and ruptures. If Enbridge is focused on safety, why would they continue to advocate for a route for which both the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota DNR have expressed environmental safety concerns for our water resources. It is difficult enough to think about a leak or spill to our precious rivers, lakes and wetlands, but add the consideration of our water crossings potentially not having shut off valves installed as a safety measure. An important lesson in life is to learn to trust others by their actions, not by their words.

Deanna Johnson

Park Rapids