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Letter: Thankful that horrible ordeal is over

Over these last nine or ten months I’ve learned some expensive lessons. In the past when I’d hear that someone was charged with some crime I would attribute some small degree of guilt to that person. Just on the basis that they’d been charged I would attach blame. I won’t do that again.

On the basis of malicious and ruinous accusations against my wife and I, felony charges were brought against us. After spending many thousands of dollars for an attorney to organize our defense against these serious charges, and many more thousands of dollars in lost wages from work, we were exonerated on all counts.

The stress of having these serious, life-changing charges leveled on us and the multiplied stress of having the weight of the state in the form of a fierce prosecuting attorney is almost indescribable. Her tenacity in prosecuting these charges against us was, on the one hand admirable, in the sense of her seriousness. On the other hand, it is worrisome and scary that such fearsome abilities can be unleashed on the basis of an incomplete investigation that had been based, seemingly, only on accusations.

I was thankful to learn some things also from the 12 folks who made up the jury of our neighbors and peers. In the past I have been excused from jury duty because I’ve been so busy. I won’t allow myself that luxury ever again. All of the folks who sat on our jury have equally busy lives and they showed me what good citizenship costs. They gave two long, long days from their busy lives as an example of sacrifice, dedication and attentiveness that I hope to never forget.

When Christy and I were despairing at some of the lies spoken against us from the witness stand, we began to lose confidence that these folks would have the ability or insight and discernment to see through them. Our lack of confidence was unfounded and as our attorney, Joe Majors, had said all along, the facts will lead them to the truth.

The last thing, which is really the first thing as a follower of Christ, we are thankful that we were shown repeatedly that Jesus is not dead and does keep his promises. The peace of mind and heart that he promised is real and allowed us to sleep at night through this … most of the time. Christy and I are also very thankful for family and friends that encouraged us and buoyed us up with their prayers and stood with us through this whole horrible ordeal.

Barry Munson

Park Rapids