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Letters: Stimulus funds have done little locally

The Park Rapids Enterprise had an article in the Nov. 28 edition with a headline titled, "Federal stimulus funds boost local economy." The article states that stimulus funding has added more than $3 million to the Hubbard County economy in grants and loans.

The article identified the recipients of these funds as public and private. The public recipients consist of financing existing programs and the private funds are for existing businesses. Collectively these recipients reported creating four new jobs. If this manner of using taxpayer stimulus funds is similar throughout the country it isn't difficult to realize why unemployment has risen to 10.2 percent notwithstanding the stimulus.

The apparent portion of this stimulus money that will help the local economy is that going to Williams Construction who got a contract to furnish and install bathroom and kitchen cabinets. The private loan money pretty much goes from one pocket to another.

The headline of the article leads the casual reader to believe the stimulus funds really helped the local economy while a critical reader of the complete article would realize that the funds did very little to stimulate the economy.

A question to be asked of this administration and Congress is where in the federal constitution does it say that income tax dollars can be spent in this manner.

I'm not begrudging the recipients of these funds because as President Clinton said, "I did it because I could." It's our political representatives who should be held accountable for spending taxpayer dollars in this unauthorized manner. Let's keep this in mind at our future elections.

Arnold Leshovsky, Nevis