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Letters: Light pollution at lake is concerning

As a long-time Park Rapids vacationer, I have always looked forward to the fall. Not for hunting, or the beautiful colors but because of the peace. I know, as a tourist I should be thrown in with the summer mobs that pack the stores, create traffic delays and turn the peaceful north woods into general chaos. But I like to think I am different. I love the area and some of my best friends were made in the tall pines and clear waters of God's country. And I cannot wait to see the calm lake, a deeper, colder blue, lacking the docks and the noise of summer. I am a year-round tourist - almost local. But what is ideal in the day - ah the quiet - feels more like a city suburb at night.

I accept, could say embrace, the lakeshore zoning and development guidelines that preserve the beauty of the lake I love. What I can't understand is why so many people feel the need to light up the north woods nights as if it were interstate 94 running through the heart of Minneapolis. There is light pollution everywhere - you could play a professional baseball game at 10 p.m. on our dirt road. I can open the windows to hear the loons, but must keep the drapes closed because of the neighbor's streetlights. I can support the occasional nighttime project or activity requiring flood lights, but every night? All night?

To my fellow tourists: before you leave the north country for points south, drain the water and lock the door - please turn off your lights! And to the businesses and city of Park Rapids; we love you, we support you and we can find you without the unabashed tribute to Thomas Edison.

Ann Anderson, Park Rapids vacationer