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Letters: Time is now to be proactive on weeds

After reading about Eurasian watermilfoil and zebra mussels infesting lakes closer and closer to the Park Rapids area, I realize it is only a matter of time before our lakes are invaded. This would be a catastrophic financial and esthetic loss to our tourist community.

The solution is a comprehensive boat inspection plan. The state of Minnesota has a boat inspection department that will give a short course on boat inspection and how to deal with potential problems.

Since employing people to inspect at the many landings on all the area lakes would not be financially feasible, volunteers need to take over.

The lake I live on, Big Sand, has approximately 250 property owners. If two thirds of the owners volunteer for one day a season we could cover the entire boating season.

Instigating, coordinating and promulgating a comprehensive volunteer boat inspection program should be part of the mission of any lake association. This activity would heighten the awareness of aquatic invaders.

The State of Minn. DNR, Game and Fish, COLA, etc. should all be very supportive. Action is needed now; once those pests arrive it is too late.

Dr. Everette Duthoy, Park Rapids