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Letters: Akeley cyclist makes impression in south

How inspiring it was to meet Donald Kerwin in Belen, New Mexico on Saturday, May 2.

My 11-year old daughter and her friend had competed in the New Mexico Battle of the Books in Las Cruces where their team took second place. When we got to Belen, which is south of Albuquerque, the freeway was closed off in both directions. We stopped at a local market to ask for directions and that's where we met Donald.

As I listened to him talk about his incredible trip, I could not help feeling that Americans are going to make it through the hard financial times ahead. Here was a man, who instead of wallowing in his own unemployment problem, decided to use the time to make a difference by raising money for charities in his community. What a worthy ambassador of his hometown!

I wish I had more to offer him than a small donation to his traveling expenses and a cold drink from our cooler. I was delighted that my daughter and her friend got a chance to meet Donald.

I hope hearing about the impact he is making on regular folks along the way will prompt additional support for the causes for which he is raising money.

Maire O'Neill

Los Alamos, N.M.

Editor's note: Kerwin, an Akeley resident, is riding his bike to Arizona to raise funds for the Akeley Regional Community Center (ARCC), Hubbard County DAC and Headwaters Animal Shelter via pledges. Donations may be made via the organizations.