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Letter: Stop the pollution of our water

In my opinion, I don’t think it was a good idea to have the person from RDO at the agriculture day at the school if he was the only one telling only one way to farm. Did he tell them about all those toxic pesitcides and chemicals they use to poison the air and water around here, or the way they are destroying habitat of “God’s creatures” big and small by tearing down all those trees so they can put up a center pivot? I bet he didn’t say that or didn’t say about how they harm a lot of people who live near the fields because of the drift which causes health problems. The school should have a farmer that doesn’t use all those chemicals and pesticides to produce crops.

I was at the last water meeting and what a RDO person said was not the whole truth about not making anyone mad at them and that everything was ok. I know better than that. I have proof of it.

I wish these two farmers would be more open about all those pesticides and chemicals they use. Do they really care how it is affecting our water and air? I don’t think they do because if they did they wouldn’t use all of them. They say it is their right; they do not have to tell us about everything they use. I say if they don’t have anything to hide, why don’t they tell us about what they are applying?

I called eight and a half years ago to the EPA, Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. They gave me the run around and said there was nothing wrong and most of it was biodegradeable. If it is, why is our water so polluted with nitrates so high that the city had to put a new well in and so deep? And what about the rest of us who aren’t on city water? Do we have funds to make our water safe? Nothing has been said about that or about all the health problems it causes either.

All anyone mentions is blue baby syndrome. What about the link of high nitrates to non Hodgkins lymphoma and bladder and ovarian cancers? What about thyroid cancer, skin rashes, hair loss, respiratory problems and birth defects? No one says anything about the health effects linked to all these pesticides. There are many links to health problems from pesticides. You can use your computer to find lots of links to studies showing the link between pesticides and health problems. Look for an article called “health effects caused by high nitrates in the water supply.” But no one around here talks about this. We have the right to know and not just be told not to worry about it.

We are told that RDO and Beckers aren’t using that much water and not to worry about it and that we have plenty of it here. That’s’s what the people said out west like California and look at them now.

Out west, the mighty Colorado River stopped flowing to the delta about 60-90 miles away so now the people south of the border don’t have that water supply like they used to. What would you say if Lake Itasca would drop enough to stop the flow at the Headwaters? I don’t want to see that happen and I don’t think anyone else does either.

The way a couple local farmers are pumping water now, we could see more problems here. I had to put a new well in back in 2002 because I lost my water in my old well.

The people who come here during the summer look forward to the water sports and clean water. Do you think they will keep coming so much if they know we have polluted water? I sure wouldn’t.

I want all of you to think about what will happen if you don’t say stop to all this destruction of our forest and wildlife habitat and the polluting of the water now. What will it look like with a lot more of our forests and wildlife gone? What if our water supply is cut in half? What happens then?

We can stop it by saying no to all this before it happens. Come and join the Toxic Taters Coalition in the fight to stop this. And come to the Straight River Water management meetings.

Gene Fix

Park Rapids