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Letter: Protect state’s outdoors

As Spring approaches, Minnesotans are preparing to celebrate Earth Day, healthy communities, and our state’s beautiful outdoors.

At the same time, we face great challenges in the halls of the State Capitol – proposals by short-sighted legislators and polluters who have no regard for the damage they would do to our clean water, clean air, natural forests and healthy climate.

As we enter the second half of the legislative session, we have enormous opportunities: to pass important new goals to grow clean energy jobs with solar and wind; increase energy savings; protect and restore clean water; and make long-term investments in transit and transportation.

Right now, the Minnesota legislature is considering Governor Dayton’s proposal (HF 1534 / SF 1537) to require a 50-foot natural vegetation buffer along all of Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands.

This fair and urgently-needed legislation will improve the quality of Minnesota’s water, filter pollutants from runoff, prevent erosion, and create new habitat for pollinators, songbirds and other wildlife.

Support Governor Dayton’s Riparian Buffer Proposal for Clean Water.

And please, understand that our precious resources are endangered by the threat of oil pipelines crossing through the Upper Mississippi watersheds, wild rice lakes, vulnerable aquifers, and wetlands which are difficult to access in the event of the inevitable oil spill.

Water is the resource which brings tourists to our area and boosts the local economy, and allows us to live with all the pristine wonders of nature and creation.

Let’s keep this legacy for all our grandchildren and for their grandchildren toward the future.

Bruce Brummitt

Rural Osage