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Letter: We can read between the lines

How does Enbridge keep their pipelines safe? (per their own ad). Safe? Like they keep their oil storage tanks?

On Friday, Jan. 2, eight out of 12 of these tanks exploded in Williston, N.D. and what is Enbridge’s plan? Let them burn until they are extinguished. Yes let all their noxious, poisonous fumes into the air.

They claim (again per their ads) “They will meet and often exceed the industry’s highest safety standards.) Really, Enbridge? When? After you’ve decimated our land, lakes, rivers and wildlife? With your ruptured pipelines as in the past?

Your blown tanks and ruptured pipes do not “ensure that people and the environment are protected” (again per your own ads.)

You can place all the ads you want. Just remember, we can read between the lines.

Jacci Hadfield

Park Rapids