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Concerned about pipeline route

Am I missing something? I have listened and I have thought about all of the varied information about Enbridge. I still do not get it. I remember in late summer driving to Bemidji, noticing the clearing, grading and leveling of a very nice piece of farmland. This was later stacked with oil pipes for transferring oil and there were many pieces of pipe to cover quite a distance of oil line.

I later noticed that it had become a restricted area. I did inquire about ownership only to find out that it belonged to Enbridge. It occurred to me that I did not know if it was a done deal or not. Upon further questioning no one else could answer my questions. I wondered where the authorization and procurement had come from to begin this immense project. There has to be some responsible organization, individual or individuals giving Enbridge the go-ahead with such a large project and to know the magnitude of the impact it would have on our lakes and river beds.

We know the oil companies are wealthy and can buy/sell about anything they want to turn a profit. Right now we are thinking about the right choice we need to make. Do we want the line to go through the proposed site in our lakes area, move north, use their current existing pipeline or use the current truck and rail method of moving oil?

If having to make a decision, we are having to decide which is the lesser of the evils. These thoughts are very real and we need to find a compromising decision. My wife and I live near the Potato River flowing into Fish Hook and we are just not satisfied this is the safest route. We are talking about the dirtiest of oil.

We moved here 20 years ago because of the beauty all around us and we would like to leave it that way for others. Perhaps it is about standing up to big corporations and also wanting to protect the environment. In the event of an oil spill, we will be faced with insurmountable damage. Let us err on the side of caution.