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Letter: Assisted Living centers provide needed care

I would like to respond to the Heritage Living Center board members in their recent article regarding the remodeling at the nursing home here in Park Rapids.

I am thrilled that the nursing home is updating its facilities but we have to remember that the $14 million plus price tag comes from the taxpayers. I do take some offense at the comment that the “culprit” of the center’s low number “crisis” was due to the upsurge in Assisted Living facilities.

Privately owned Assisted Living facilities like Care-Age Country Home have been providing a wonderful alternative to nursing homes for 26 years now. We treat all of our residents with care, comfort and medical attention so that they can live in a more home-like atmosphere. We have some residents that require almost no assistance at all and live quite independently and we also work with many families to provide end of life care.

Please remember that privately owned facilities are providing a needed service to our community also and we do not consider ourselves “culprits.”

Chris D. Niemeyer, Owner

Care-Age Country Home