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LETTER: Nolan, Obama birds of a feather

In Congressman Rick Nolan’s Monday Report of Sept. 2 he emphatically declares he is opposed to any military action to deal with the huge emerging threat of ISIS. He declares rightly that only Congress can declare war but appears to cloak his opposition to the war in this mandate. Is this a backdoor way of assisting President Obama in his refusal to accept responsibility to deal with the chaos caused by ISIS?

Congressman Nolan declares there should be no military action without Congressional approval. He then declares:

n “We have no friends in this thousand year old sectarian battle” so America would become the sole target if we engage in opposition to ISIS. (That means he considers the millions of moderate Muslims, the millions of Christians under attack by radical Islam in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq and the whole state of Israel that is threatened by this terrorist group, as NOT our friends).

n He rightly acknowledges that the terrorist group cannot be dealt with militarily without the use of US ground forces.

n He rightly acknowledges that it will be a protracted conflict and appears to back the President’s reticence to become involved in the current war on terrorism.

n In conclusion, he states he believes we cannot afford to deal with this situation using the U.S. military and U.S. resources (while recovering from a recession) and that we gave them a chance over a 10-year period and now it is their problem to solve. His statement, “Make no mistake. Any such ill-conceived escalation would prove to be a tragic and unnecessary waste of blood and treasure for the United States” shows that he would vote against any involvement in the Middle East to protect American interests, to protect the threatened Christian and moderate Muslims, and to defend our major ally, Israel.

It appears that Congressman Nolan has become the Neville Chamberlain (whose appeasement policies encouraged the aggression of Germany early in WWII) of the 8th Congressional District.

The United States cannot afford to have a radical Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East that would threaten the entire world. We cannot allow our friends and allies in the region to be slaughtered and destroyed by radical Islamic terrorists. We cannot wait for these terrorists to reach our shores before we act.

It appears that Congressman Nolan and President Obama are “birds of a feather” who are both willing to allow America to forfeit its role as the defender of the defenseless and as the world’s primary opposition to evil empires and terrorist organizations. This threat is not regional and it is not the JV … it is, however, clearly in the National Interest of the United States to deal with the problem before it becomes worse.

John A. Clauer

Park Rapids