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Letter: Listen to citizens regarding pipeline

Dear Sen. Rod Skoe, Rep. Roger Erickson, Rep. Steve Green, Mayor Pat Mikesh and Hubbard County Commissioners:

I have a number of questions regarding the proposed Sandpiper pipeline:

n Do you have “vision” of our future when Enbridge ignores their pipelines and they leak?

n Why do you all remain silent?

n Do you believe that an actual barrel of poisonous, crude oil is valued more than a barrel of fresh water?

n Aren’t you all stewards of our pristine lakes, rivers, trout streams and forests?

n Do you wonder how an oil spill will affect our “tourism” in our clean lakes, rivers region?

n Do you know why the Alaska Spill hasn’t been cleaned up after 25 years?

n Why hasn’t Enbridge been successful in cleaning up the Kalamazoo River oil spill in Michigan?

n Ask yourselves why Park Rapids and Hubbard County can so easily be bought off by Enbridge?

n My response is that their $3 million dollars is a “drop in the bucket” to them.

n Where is your courage?

Let me share some positive information about a small village in British Columbia, Canada:

Kitimat (a town smaller than Park Rapids) voted against the Northern Gateway Pipeline. It was a real blow to Enbridge and their efforts to ship crude oil to high paying markets in Asia. What courage! They couldn’t be bought off with the promise of temporary jobs and a temporary economic boost.

Canada will not approve any pipeline unless safe for Canadians and their environment.

To you, Sen. Skoe, Rep. Erickson, Rep. Green, Mayor Mikesh, to all Hubbard County commissioners … listen to your Minnesota residents who love their clean water, lakes and forests. Many of our citizens have had courage to speak up and want what is right and good. Have courage! Make this a personal choice, not a political one.

Jeanne Gaston