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Letter: Please keep dogs under control

From Friday through Monday the Sheriff’s Office received and responded to 171 calls for service. The City of Park Rapids added another 63 calls to that.

Our activity over the weekend was pretty typical for a Memorial Day weekend which included numerous warning for boating violations, driving complaints, medicals, dog complaints, criminal damage to property, burglaries, ATV enforcement and numerous traffic stops to name a few. I feel we were very fortunate with the amount of traffic our area gets to not have any serious car crashes. Hubbard County is a “recreational” area where you will find a high number of boats, jet skis and ATVs in the summer. With these high numbers also come the complaints.

Although my officers issue far more warnings than citations, we have zero tolerance for any type of careless operation. Issues with dogs are viewed very similarly. We pass on many requests by neighbors to quiet down the barking dog. But when a citizen is out walking or biking down a public road and actually gets chased or even bit by an aggressive dog, which happened this past weekend, officers will do more than a simple warning … and rightfully so.

The first time a dog bites or attacks someone it gets classified as a “potentially dangerous dog.” If the dog bites again it gets deemed a “dangerous dog.” The owner then has to go through a lot of steps in order to keep their animal, including getting an insurance bond, posting warning signs, having the dog confined, and getting the dog micro-chipped. In other words, keeping our dogs under control is in the best interest of everyone.

Cory Aukes

Hubbard County Sheriff