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Letter: Park Rapids can’t afford Armory

I wanted to point out some issues concerning the possible acquisition of the Armory by the City of Park Rapids.

First of all, let me state that I am not a taxpayer of the City of Park Rapids, although I am concerned about the fiscal condition of this city and I have been following the development regarding this matter as reported in the Enterprise. I am concerned about how this matter would work out if the city ended up acquiring the Armory. The people in charge must keep in mind that there would be ongoing annual expenses however the city acquired the Armory.

Insurance costs are ongoing, as are heating and maintenance costs in operating the building whether it is vacant or occupied. In addition, a janitor would have to be put on the payroll and a scheduling clerk would have to be hired. It has been reported that the annual cost of heating, insurance and maintenance has been estimated in the neighborhood of $60-70,000 annually.

How many art shows would be held during the months of November through April and likewise, how many wedding receptions during the same time period? You, as a reader, can figure that out.

Yes, I know, the Chamber of Commerce, the Community Development Corporation and the Downtown Business Association would love to have the facility for get-togethers and promotions but at what cost?

I think after considering all the pros and cons of the proposal that the City of Park Rapids should pass on acquiring this facility. I don’t think Park Rapids can afford it.

Jay D. Mondry

Park Rapids