‘Murder in the House of Horrors


The Park Rapids Area High School Drama Club is presenting “Murder in the House of Horrors.” The Hamilton Museum is sponsoring a lecture on “Monsters, Murders, and Madmen.” Things go awry in the lecture hall and the cast and audience are drawn into a murder both as witnesses and suspects. Lieutenant Morrow enlists everyone in attendance, to question the suspects and assist in solving the crime. Performances will be at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Oct. 25 and 26 in the Park Rapids High School Auditorium. Cast and crew includes front, from left, Jena Stewart, Jimmy Farmer, Kate Westphal, Iain Wallace, Myah Schultz, Nicole Walker, Madison Malzahn and Madison Griffith, back, from left, Bobby Bruce, Valeria Reyes, Jay Lanz, Lisha Guisinger, Andrew Baldwin, Laura Walker, Brandon Haller, Dani Lockrem, Emily Steffen, Joe Bannerman and Gunner Larson. Not Pictured: Lewis Johnson, Katelynn Warmbold, Katy Spears and Nicole Robbins. Juliann Kjenaas is the director, Jonathan Harrison is technical director and costumes and props are Cheryl Atkins.