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Extra ticket leads to performance at Northern Lights

Ed Rowland of Collective Soul, left, and Trinity Junes of Menahga enjoy an impromptu jam at Northern Lights Casino. (Submitted photo)

Ed Roland, the lead singer from the band Collective Soul, was playing an acoustic show at Northern Lights Casino in Walker earlier this month.

Local musician Trinity Junes of Menahga was invited to the show by friends Deb and Randy Olson, also of Menahga, who had an extra ticket.

During the show, Roland asked if there were any guitar players in the audience. Junes was the first one to stand up, waving his hands in the air and he was invited on stage to play.

Roland jokingly said to Junes, "You better know how to actually play!" Junes replied by picking up the guitar and playing the intro to Collective Souls' famous song, "Gel."

With a surprised look on his face, Roland said, "Are we doing it?" and Junes replied,"Let's play!" and they performed the entire song of "Gel" together. They played one more song together and as Junes was leaving the stage, he said to Roland, "I'm a singer/songwriter. Hook me up."

Roland invited him back on stage to play an original song. Junes gladly accepted, and went back on stage to play his original song, "I Get By." After his song, the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Junes and his friends were invited backstage for a meet and greet with Roland and Ed Kowalczylk, lead singer from the band Live, who was also playing an acoustic show at the casino that night.

For more information about Junes, his music and the song he played, look up "Trinity Junes" on Facebook or YouTube.