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Jewel wants to put foot down in Fargo-Moorhead

Singer/guitarist Jewel was so taken with her first trip to Fargo-Moorhead she wrote a song and sang it from the stage Tuesday during her Fargo Theatre show. Lindsay Gjerde / Jade Presents

Pop/country singer/guitarist Jewel was so taken with her trip to Fargo-Moorhead on Tuesday that she sang a brand new song dedicated to the area's attractions.

While name-checking the Red River Zoo, Yunker Farm, Fargo Air Museum and the Fargo Theatre, where she performed, the folksinger had one burr in her saddle.

After singing about all the celebrities who had signed their name in the Fargo Walk of Fame, she lamented that she wasn't asked to leave her hand and boot print.

"But that's OK because I'll come back another day," she sang to the crowd's roaring approval.

When she comes back, Brian Matson, Marketing Manager from the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau, will be there.

If the singer had made her imprint on Fargo, she would have been the crown Jewel of recent inductees. The latest big name was comedian Dave Coulier ("Full House") in November 2007. Before that, it was Alice Cooper in May 2006.

In 21 years, the walk has collected signatures from more than 100 celebrities, ranging from George W. Bush (before his presidency), to KISS, Bill Gates and Bert and Ernie.

"We send out a lot more invitations than we get acceptances," Matson said.

Matson said while the FMCVB has been diligent about inviting bigger acts (Bon Jovi twice), such names often aren't in town for long and have

busy schedules.

"It's real touch and go," he said, estimating he'd need a 10-minute window to get a print. "It's a real logistical challenge."

The 100-some signed slabs of concrete now sit outside the FMCVB at 2001 44th St. S.

The Fargo Walk of Fame was started by Michael Stevens and located in front of his business, Express Press at 520 1st Ave. N., Fargo, now home to First & Deli. The walk moved when Stevens left downtown in 2000.

"I was just thrilled she was able to talk about the attractions," Matson said, when asked if he was kicking himself for not inviting her to make her mark before the show.

He wrote her Wednesday through her Twitter account. saying the next time she was through town she'd be inducted. He also complimented her on the Fargo-Moorhead song.

"Ha," she responded. "Silly song I made up."