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Ending world hunger


Ladies who have spent the last month knitting to collect donations for their scarves, that will be sent to Third World countries, gathered Monday at the Red Bridge Inn. Front row from left, Anne Marg, Nancy Ralston, Jackie Swanson, Dorothy Zilkx; second row, Sandy Perez, Bonnie Miller, Marion Holtey, Karen Sharbo, Joy Horejsi, Deb Schmidt, Pat Roehl, Boo Groth; back row from right, Viny VanRoekel, Mary Jo Sackett, RaeAnn Mayer, Jane Boehmer, Toni Burgau, Michelle Robinson, Arlene Valentin, LuVerne Yocum and RoJean Cummins. The point of their knitting project was to collect donations for knitted scarves and the money donated will buy animals that have fleece, through Heifer International. They raised $1,009, which was enough to buy one water buffalo, two goats, two sheep and two llamas. The animals will help feed the needy. The scarves - that totaled 149 feet and 3 1/2 inches in length - will also be sent to help warm up those in need of wool in Third World Countries. Women who knitted scarves but weren't included in the photo are Pat Peterson, Diane Balk, Mary Moe, Edith Kufus, Denise Peterson, Shelly Nieman, Chris Sinner and Janet Golden-Lanquist. (Riham Feshir / Enterprise)