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Spider hike scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 14

Spiders, blue heron rookery and a river view. The Itasca Moraine Chapter has announced a summer hike featuring spiders, a rookery and a river Aug. 14.

August is the perfect time to view the world class spider display awaiting all on the North Country Trail in this area. These are not the ordinary spider webs that grace our front porch lights but rather 10 to 20 foot high and wide spider webs that reach from the top of a bush or small tree to the ground. It is important to get out early before the sun burns off the moisture on these fantastic artistic webs.

The Thursday, Aug. 14 hike is scheduled for the area north and east of Longville. Learn more about this hike by visiting the NCT booth at the Longville Turtle Races today (Wednesday), Aug. 13. Meet at 9 a.m. for the hike on the 14th at the NCT parking lot just east of where the Boy River passes under Highway 200.

This bridge is 4.8 miles east of the Highway 200/Highway 84 intersection. Initially the hike will progress west across the bridge and south along the west bank of the Boy River to a pioneer building site on the river set in a magnificent conifer forest. There is a wilderness NCT campsite overlooking the river.

The hike then progresses east across the river and north through a mixed conifer/hardwood forest 3.6 miles to Highway 53. Hikers are then given a return ride from Highway 53 to the parking lot.