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‘Epic’ entertainment

Kiowa Wieser-Matthews/FOCUS Stilted puppeteers walk through the streets of New York Mills to announce the beginning of the puppet pageant. 1 / 3
Kiowa Wieser-Matthews/FOCUS Life-size puppets portrayed the sun and moon in this year’s pageant.2 / 3
Kiowa Wieser-Matthews/FOCUS Seventeen-month-old Noah Radneicki, of New York Mills, nibbles on a cob of corn.3 / 3

New York Mills held its annual Corn Feed and Puppet Pageant last Friday. As in past years, a truckload of corn was cooked up for the event, which also featured an original large-scale puppet performance based on The Kalevala, a 19th century work of epic poetry rooted in Finnish folklore. Local residents help make the costumes and participate in the pageant every year.