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2013 Nevis Pig Races results

The crowd cheered for their favorite pigs, with assorted signs, including this one saying, “Oink for Me.” Tufts was campaigning for a second term as Dorset mayor. (Submitted photo)

The 2013 Nevis Pig Races had some closes races but a few porkers came out on top.

1:05 p.m. race

Race 1: Ike’s Heating, “The Ikester”

Race 2: Pleasant Avenue Dentistry, “Herms the Pig”

Race 3: tie between Eco Water, “H2O” and Kelly’s Cottage Garden, “Succulent”

Race 4: Dorset Corner Liquor, “Senior Tuesday”

Race 5: Emmaville, “Emma”

Race 6: tie between Muskie Waters, “Candy Licker” and Marine Corps, “PFC Grunt”

City race: Akeley, “Paul Bunyan”

3:05 p.m. race

Race 1: Beauty Bay Resort, “Babe”

Race 2: Northwoods Press, “Extra Extra”

Race 3: Bullwinkle’s, “Rocky”

Race 4: Don Dearstyne, County Attorney, “Guilty”

Race 5: Johnson’s on the Water, “Mercury”

Race 6: First National Bank of Walker, “Low Interest”

Race 7: Pederson Accounting, “Tax Man”