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Bemidji company to be on DIY's 'Bath Crashers'

A local company will be featured on "Bath Crashers" at 8 p.m. Monday, March 7, on the DIY network.

Seven Days Design of Bemidji took part in a major bathroom renovation for a Minneapolis family of four. An existing bedroom was replaced by the expanded bathroom. The new bathroom features a rustic theme.

Owned and operated by Matt and Mindy Fiedler, Seven Days Design does interior design and decorating, decorative painting and concrete sinks, countertops and other concrete pieces. Matt works with the concrete pieces, creating custom hand-formed pieces, while Mandy's expertise is in decorative painting (such as faux painting), using materials from all over the world.

For "Bath Crashers," Matt created a white concrete trough sink that sits on top of a gray concrete countertop, both of which are natural colors.

"It turned out beautifully," Mandy said. "It's very spa-like."

Mandy did two wall finishes in the bathroom, as well as filming two how-to segments. The finishes were both metallic plaster applied on top of drywall. One is in copper tones with a raised texture and the other is a smooth-textured finish that is light in color.

She and Matt worked with the show's host, licensed contractor Matt Muenster, and a Twin Cities designer who designed the bathroom.

"They knew they wanted something decorative on the wall," Mandy said. "I put together the colors and textures that I thought would work best with the tiles and other elements, and they went with it. They were pretty trusting."

"Bath Crashers" gets homeowners by going to home improvement stores and picking out shoppers to ask if they would like a new bathroom.

This particular bathroom is probably worth $60,000, Mandy said, adding that products and time are donated. Modern Masters donated the products.

Mandy said the homeowners were "the nicest family" and that they got to see part of the project as it was being done. For the concrete pieces, for example, the homeowners had no idea what to expect.

"They started off in a very small bathroom," Mandy said. "It was updating what they had, so they broke into a bedroom. They ended up with this huge awesome bathroom. At one time when we were working, I counted 14 people in there working, and there was room for more."

Seven Days Design was contacted for the project after a "Bath Crashers" producer saw the company's website and liked the concrete work and the wall finishes.

The Fiedlers have been asked if they would be willing to do more shows down the road, Mandy said. "They're talking with Matt about doing a concrete bathtub."