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Pledges sought for Morgan’s film

Middle_Americans is about two odd German dancers who relocate to the oil fields of North Dakota to promote their absurd minimalist dances at a local strip club. Definitely out-of-place in Middle America, Guter Helmut and Aslaug try hard to fit in without taking off their clothes."

Filmmaker Rachel Morgan reports a “great turnout” for her casting call for her proposed web series, Middle_ Ameri- cans. 

Thirty-one people from ages 7 to 81 auditioned.

“It was so great to have that many people from our community show interest in my project and want to participate,” she said. “I will need a few more ‘extras’ for some scenes.” 

She is now fundraising to produce Middle_ Americans in Park Rapids, launching a “kickstarter,” where people pledge amounts ranging from $10 to $500 (or more) at

  “My goal is to raise $6,000 by May 20. This money will be spent on building and decorating sets, renting locations, transporting crew and gear to filming sites, and meals,” she explained. 

“The challenge of this fundraiser is achieving the goal. If we don’t raise the full amount by May 20, all pledges will be refunded. If we meet our goal, every donor will receive fun thank you gifts, and we’ll start shooting June 23,” she said.

  “I am thrilled by the support that local businesses are showing already. They have offered discounts, coupons and supplies. With a bit more help from the greater Park Rapids community, season one of Middle_ Americans will air on You-Tube next fall. Maybe we’ll propel Park Rapids into the place to shoot films in Minnesota,” the film producer said.