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Filmmaker seeking ‘non-actors’ for new comedy series

Sarah Tyler, left, will assume the role of Guter Helmut and Rachel Morgan is Aslaug Slaug. (Submitted photo)

Local filmmaker Rachel Morgan is “at it again.” This time she is seeking local talent in Park Rapids for her newest project, Middle Americans.

Her film is a sketch comedy series about two German dancers who relocate their unique dancing skills to the booming oil fields of North Dakota and unknowingly find their eccentric selves out of place amongst the rural community of Stanley.  

The actual setting of the story takes place in western North Dakota but Morgan said she felt it would logistically better to shoot the project here in Park Rapids, and it would be a great opportunity to get the people of Park Rapids area involved.  

“I’ve already cast three local people here in Park Rapids and I am looking to find more people to be involved,” she said.

She is looking for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

“For this project, I am looking to cast all non-actors. There is authenticity when casting non-actors and I thought this approach would be perfect for the comedy.

“I am looking for real people of the Park Rapids area who are willing to be on set for a couple hours while we shoot scenes,” she explained.

“Ideally I would like an up north, Midwestern vibe, so flannel shirts and puppy printed sweatshirts are eagerly accepted. I’m specifically looking for anyone over the age of 50 to participate.”

Specific roles are husband and wife (with an up north themed home), school aged children (five), an organist, hotel manager, quilting group, locals, outdoorsman, oil field workers (seven) and many, many extras.

The project is planned to shoot the beginning of April and again in the early summer months.

The open call will be held at the Smoky Hills Art (307 Main Ave. South, Park Rapids) from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, March 23.

Questions can be e-mailed to guterhelmut@