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Peony expert to share information on flower's heritage Feb. 21 at the library

Harvey Buchite

Spring is around the corner and soon the spectacular color of Minnesota's peonies will spot the landscape. 

Minnesota peony expert Harvey Buchite will present information on the history and role of Minnesota peonies within the state as well as across the country at 1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21 at Park Rapids Area Library.

The free presentation is part of the Kitchigami Regional Library System's Legacy Program

Original archive materials from the Brand Peony Farm, the first nursery in Minnesota, were digitized to bring a first-hand look at our Minnesota Peony Heritage. Other world-renowned peony hybridizers like Bob Tischler and the nurseries of Franklin, Lins, Pfeiffer and others will be discussed.

Participants will learn about Minnesota's leadership in the peony world which includes eight Presidents of the American Peony Society (APS), several APS Board members and 25 peony breeders and introducers of peonies. 

Over 100 color images bring these long-lived and historical flowers to life. Useful tips on growing peonies for years of enjoyment will be presented in a colorful presentation, perfect for curing cabin fever.

Buchite and his wife, Brigitte, owners of Hidden Springs Flower Farm of southeastern Minnesota, take great pride in the plants they grow. They specialize in growing over 600 varieties of peonies to bring beauty and joy to gardens.

This family farm and all 600-plus varieties of peonies are grown in Spring Grove. The fields are nestled in a rich fertile valley between hillsides covered with majestic oaks, walnut and hickory woodlands.  Harvey Buchite served as past president of the American Peony Society and brings a wealth of knowledge in presenting Minnesota's Grand Peony History.