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Old Time Logging Demonstration is tomorrow at Itasca

Members of the Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farmers demonstrated logging methods from the early 1900s last weekend at Itasca State Park. The dense thicket of trees the loggers were thinning out presented obstacles for the horse team hauling out downed trees. The horses had some difficulty maneuvering through the forest, load in tow. Dozens of park visitors were cautioned to stay back and watch above for "widowmakers," parts of trees that could fall on them, residual branches from the removal process. (Ph...

Meet at Itasca State Park Discover the 'good ol' days' of early horse logging at Itasca State Park on Saturday, Feb. 9 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. as members of the Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farmers demonstrate old time logging methods. Watch lumberjacks use a 2-man crosscut saw to fell and section trees, and a team of horses as they skid logs to a decking area where they load the logs onto a horse-drawn sled. Warm-up by a fire and visit with a 'lumberjack'.

This Old Time Logging demonstration will take place at Itasca State Park in the Pine Ridge Campground. The selected trees being removed are part of a hazard tree removal project after the July 2, 2012, windstorm event.

Parking is available at the park maintenance area located across the road from the boat access (near the Mississippi Headwaters Hostel). The demonstration area is approximately one-third a mile from the parking area. Follow the walking route signs to the demonstration site. Limited handicapped parking is available in the Pine Ridge Campground. The viewing area is in snow covered area, visitors are advised to dress warmly in winter boots and clothing.

NOTES: Dress according to the weather. Program is held outside in the woods. Please be prepared with warm hats, gloves, snow pants and snow boots. Be prepared to walk/stand in deep snow. Duration of program will be weather dependent.