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Kindergartners offer some Thanksgiving cooking tips

Toss the cookbook. Kindergartners in Alyssa Morlock's class offer some "sage" advice on roasting a gobbler.

Put the turkey in the oven. Before you put it in the oven you have to put ingredients for the turkey to make it. Put eggs in the bowl and then put the eggs on the turkey. Cook it for 7 minutes at 40 degrees.

Abby Runyan

I will put the turkey in the oven for 15 minutes. I don't know how my grandma makes it, but she makes it really good.

Allie Rowland

I would make one out of Playdough. Put the turkey on the grill for 1 minute. I would put seasoning on it.

Anker Jensen

I would put the turkey in the oven for 16. I will bake it and I will eat it.

Ella Ehler

I put some salt on the turkey. I would bake it for 25 hours. I would cut off the skin until I get to the white part and I eat the white part.

Ella Marotte

Put the turkey in the oven and cook it for awhile. Put seasoning on it and then eat it.

Ethan Tate

I will cook the turkey in the oven for 10 minutes. I will just leave it in the oven.

Isaac Eischens

Make a turkey out of a chicken. Then you put stuffing in it. You cook it in your oven then for maybe 30 minutes or 40 on high. Take the turkey out, then cut it and eat it.

Isabelle Bravo

Put on salt and pepper. Then comes some sprinkles. Cook the turkey. Then I'm done and it turns yummy.

Josh Rowe

You should buy a turkey, cook it and put it in the big oven like my dad has. Turn the thing and bake it for 42 hours. Check and see if it is done and see the little timer.

Kaden Crabb

Well you take the feathers off first and put it in the oven next. Then put it in the ice freezer and you can eat it tomorrow. You have to clean the guts out of it and you have to put it back in the freezer. When you save some of it, you can eat it another day.

Kaleb Weaver

I would put salt on the turkey. I will put flavor on it. I would let it cook for 4 minutes. I would ask my mom to pull it out.

Karla Forsberg

We put the turkey in kinda like a big crock pot, but not really because I don't know what it is called that we put it in. My dad maybe puts it in for 4 hours but I don't know how long he puts it in. He takes it out and puts it on the table and we eat it together as a family.

Kyla Mercil

I take off the skin then I wash the turkey. Then I cook it at home I think for 6 minutes. There are some turkeys at the grocery store I get. You chomp off the head, but my parents can only do that.

Logan Andersen

You cook the turkey in the stove for I think about 40 hours. Then you take it out and then get the table ready. You clean up the table and put on a plate, napkin, fork and spoon and then you put the meat there. Then everybody comes to eat it. How you get it is you shoot it or you buy it.

Mylee Edevold

You let the turkey meat unthaw over the night. Then my grandma and grandpa get it fresh from the freezer. Then my grandpa cooks it and then he puts it in for 25 minutes. He cuts the bones off and gets them out and keeps the leg bones on and puts it in the oven. Then we have it for Thanksgiving and also my grandma's birthday is on Thanksgiving. How you do it is you just let it unthaw, but our turkey meat wasn't unthawed so we set it in the sink and let it unthaw. Then we pick all the bones out and it is fresh from Hunter because he has mean old chickens. We cook it in the crock pot until it is done and we put it really, really high and put it on low when it is almost done.

Olivia Miller

I would bake it for 20 minutes. Cut it up and eat it.

Quinton Hendrickson

Put the turkey in the oven. Get it out when it is done and we eat it at the table.

Teagan Larson

I would buy the turkey at the store. I eat it at my grandma and grandpa's. Cook the turkey in the oven for 30 minutes.

Thomas Hartung

I would put good stuff in the turkey like salt and pepper. I would cook it in the oven for 3 seconds. I would add some pepper in it when I set it on the table. Put the turkey on my plate and I would get my fork and spoon and be ready to go.

Tyler Officer