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Area poets receive awards

Jackpine Writers Bloc members Niomi Rohn Phillips of Park Rapids and Marion Hotley of Nevis were recent award winners at the 17th annual Northwoods Art and Book Festival held Aug. 18 in Hackensack.

Roth Phillips won a Works of Merit award and Hotley earned Popular Choice distinction.

A committee selected six poems as winners for Works of Merit. Those attending the festival had an opportunity to vote for their favorite poems, six chosen for the Popular Choice category.

Ode To My Walnut Desk

by Niomi Rohn Phillips

I am searching for a

unique container

when I discover

the drawers in our garage

graveyard of treasures

fifteen years since the mud and water

of the Red River

inundated my antique walnut desk

with dovetailed joints

and tear-drop drawer pulls

accept it

you will never repair

that precious piece

not enough life left

envision grandkids tossing it

into a dumpster

to make space for jet skiis

better to fill it with dirt and dahlias

There Are No Words

By Marion Holtey

We stand transfixed

on the edge of this

national treasure

It is our first visit to

the Grand Canyon

Morning sun illuminates

tall stone walls and

the Colorado River.

My husband exclaims

"Amazing! Look at the colors.

We are lucky to be here

to witness this incredible sight."

Our young son whispers "Dad,

Let's be quiet. There are no words."