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Kraft's new book offers 'seven keys to sensible parenting'

Book cover

Lorelei Kraft, author, speaker, producer and consultant, has written "Letting Go of Mommy Guilt," providing seven keys to sensible parenting.

The book is based on first hand experience of being a single mom raising two children while building two multi-million dollar businesses. 

Delivered in inspiring and practical language, Kraft provides a roadmap to women who want to raise good kids without the guilt society dumps on them. 

Parents want to raise kids who are successful, happy, well-adjusted and respectful who love their parents, Kraft said.  Children want parents who love them. 

Why do so many parents feel like they are messing up this simple equation?  Kraft started making candles in her basement when she had a toddler and was pregnant with her second child. Divorced while the children were small, she moved to northern Minnesota where she lived in an old trailer and made candles in a small garage next door to support her family.  Presented with this life reality, Kraft used her "just roll up your sleeves and get it done right" attitude that served as her bedrock to successfully raise two independent and spirited children while becoming an award-winning business owner.

Kraft's seven primary keys include:

n Mommy 101 - Good parenting begins with core n Always fix a mommy meltdown immediately

n Don't sweat the small stuff

n Give your children wings to fly

n Better than a PhD - a degree in "Common Sense"and

n Don't let your kids break the family bank.

Kraft continues with four more chapters of lessons learned along her journey.  She concludes the book with family photos through the years to put a face on her family from toddlers to adulthood.

For more information, go to www.milliondollarmamas. com, or e-mail info@ million