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Williston's Boomtown Girls: The next reality TV hit?

This video capture depicts LeAnna, Terrie and Kendel in an opening shot of the promotional video for "Boomtown Girls."

WILLISTON -- Five sisters from a North Dakota boomtown are looking to make a bang on reality TV.

A trailer for "Boomtown Girls," featuring five Williston sisters who work alongside men in the Oil Patch, recently became an Internet sensation locally.

But few details are known about what will become of the 4-minute video.

Representatives from Atlanta-based Lucky Dog Filmworks said they can't comment yet about "Boomtown Girls."

One of the sisters, Kelsey Nehring, told KFGO the filmmakers are pitching the reality show to various media companies.

"I am hoping Discovery Channel or History Channel," Nehring told the radio station. "Something a little bit more serious as opposed to MTV. I do not want to be the next Snooki."

The Forum attempted to reach each of the girls, but eldest sister Kendel Nehring said they have since been instructed not to talk to the media.

The video shows the sisters -- Kendel, LeAnna, Kelsey, Terrie and Heather -- reflecting about how their hometown has changed with the latest oil boom.

"This reminds me of like a gold boom town in the 1800s," one of the girls said.

Kendel met her husband working in the oil field; LeAnna and Heather drive septic trucks; Kelsey is a bartender at a strip club; and Terrie is a welder.

The girls talk about the opportunities of the boom and wanting to start their own businesses.

"Everybody else is getting some, why not get some too?" Terrie said.

The video clip also hits on the challenges -- difficulty finding child care, the "hell" of waiting in line at Walmart and the change to the local culture.

"We have an insane girl-to-guy ratio," Kelsey said. "You can't go anywhere without feeling like a piece of meat."

In an interview with The Forum, Loran Nehring said the video clip is an accurate portrayal of his nieces.

"They're pretty real girls. They grew up out here on the ranch," he said.

The Nehrings have a history of strong women in the family, Loran said.

"I have four sisters and they can do everything I can do, plus have babies," he said.

Shawn Wenko, assistant director of Williston Economic Development, said his office gets "bombarded" with calls from filmmakers interested in making reality shows in the area.

But Wenko hadn't heard about "Boomtown Girls" until he saw the video clip.

"We've tried to find ourselves who actually is putting it on and we don't know," he said.

Wenko said the video appears to be balanced -- showing some of the good things happening as well as the stress factors.

"It looks like it depicts some hard-working females that are out there among some of the fast pace that's going on," Wenko said. "It really looked positive when I viewed it."

Dalrymple is a reporter for The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, which is owned by Forum Communications Co.