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Days Gone By: 1941: Hope wanes to capture gas station bandit

Connie Carmichael

Excerpts taken from the Park Rapids Enterprise. These entries are taken verbatim to preserve the flavor of the stories. That includes spelling errors and often, missing names.

100 years ago

Sept. 14, 1911


$42 per acre paid for 160-acre farm south of town

About thirty years ago John C. Rue took a homestead on the farm south of town which has been his home ever since. There was no Park Rapids at time just the natural condition that had prevailed from ages and in which the Indians found conditions that meant a "happy hunting ground" for them.

Settlers were very few in this part of the state and Mr. Rue had things pretty much his own way for several years. He began to improve his farm and has watched the changing conditions that followed thru the intervening years until he has seen the county well developed and a thriving town of two thousand people spring up in his front yard. The purchaser, H.V. Britton gas been a resident of Cuba for several years. His brother will take charge of the farm and will stock it with the well bred horses from a farm he owns in Dakota.

Sept. 14, 1911


Recent models show there is no danger of a return to the trailing draperies

The effort of dressmakers now is to have dresses as practical as possible. The constantly recurring rumor that long skirts are to take the place of the more comfortable short ones for the street is soon silenced by the appearance of many new models for street gowns all with skirts to clear the ground. For the house the long skirt is always the smartest, and although last winter here were many short house gowns even of the most elaborate order, the fashion never met with general approval, and is now passing.

70 years ago

Nov. 13, 1941


Hope has waned of capturing Harold Erickson, 18, of Minneapolis, one of the bandits implicated in the recent robbery of the Shell station and slugging of Lawrence Strang, and attendant there. Following arrest of his accomplice last week, the hunted youth has been reported a number of times in the territory west of Two Inlets, but searching parties have failed to contact him.

Robert Nelson, 17, of Faribault, held in jail here as one of the bandits, has been arraigned in juvenile court, and will probably be turned over to the jurisdiction of the district court for trial on a charge of robbery.

50 years ago

Oct. 26, 1961


Oct. 30: Hamburger and macaroni, buttered beans, pear sauce, butter and jelly sandwiches, milk.

Oct. 31: Chili con carne, carrot stix, apricot sauce, homemade rolls, milk.

Nov. 1: Turkey chow mein on noodles, cranberry sauce, gingerbread with whipped cream, butter sandwiches, milk.

Nov. 2: Beef stew and vegetables, lettuce salad, cookie, butter and peanut butter sandwiches and milk.

Nov. 3: Salmon loaf, creamed peas, fruit jello, butter sandwiches, milk.

(I remember loving school lunches, and so do some of my co-workers. Our lunches were similar to what was served in 1961. Hot, home cooked food. And very rarely did we get pizza, much to my pleasure as I do not like pizza. I think I would have been very hungry if I was going to school today; although I would have been very happy to have salmon. Pretty sure that was never served in my day!)


Baby cribs and highchairs, play pens and heating stoves; bed and many other items, Also, customers with the courage to drive over to the East Side.

- Troy E. Pallet, The Outpost.