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Buffalo quadruplets featured in reality series

The Durst family of Buffalo, Minn., stars in the new Lifetime reality series "Four of a Kind." Top row, from left, Kendra, Naomi (mother), Travis (brother) and Megan. Bottom row, Calli, left, and Sarah. Lifetime Entertainment Services

A new unscripted series featuring identical quadruplets from Buffalo, Minn., will include material filmed in Fargo.

"Four of a Kind" premieres at 10 p.m. Tuesday on Lifetime. The show (renamed from its working title "Quad Squad") documents the life of the Durst family during the quadruplets' senior year of high school. Now 18, the Dursts are one of 63 sets of identical quads in the world, Lifetime TV says.

A promotional video for the series shows scenes of them at a North Dakota State University football game in the Fargodome, as well as a brief shot of one of the girls wearing a gold NDSU sweatshirt.

The Durst quads - Calli, Kendra, Megan and Sarah - have been in the media spotlight since their birth. They were featured on the Jay Leno show at the age of 6. Their mother, Naomi, is an NDSU alumna and a Bowman, N.D., native.

Naomi says it was fun to be at NDSU with her daughters, and especially to show them her old dorm, Dinan Hall. "I hadn't really been on the campus a lot at all in the past, so it was nice to see all the changes and improvements," she says.

Jobey Lichtblau, director of admissions at NDSU, said the girls visited campus Nov. 13 during a swing of college visits and attended the NDSU game versus South Dakota State University. He said one of the teens may plan to attend the school, and another was interested.

He described it as a "very different visit."

"It's not often you have a camera crew of eight in your office," Lichtblau says.

Two half-hour episodes of "Four of a Kind" will air back-to-back for three consecutive weeks. The episode highlighting their tour of NDSU, titled "Fashion Times Four," will air at 10 p.m. March 29, said Theresa Black, manager of publicity for Lifetime Television.

Naomi Durst says filming the show was a positive experience. She says their lives are pretty typical and the girls are used to attention.

"Even without a camera or being on a TV show, when four identical people walk into a place, people look," she says.