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Fargo South grad could be featured on 'American Idol' tonight

Tonight's episode of "American Idol" could get a shot of Pizzaz as Nick Fink, a Fargo South High graduate is said to be among the singers featured on the program.

Fink, a 2009 grad who was the senior class president and a member of Pizzaz, the school's show choir group, wouldn't comment on whether or not he'll be appearing on tonight's episode of the popular program but did say "that's what I'm hearing too."

What Fink, who now lives with his family in Scottsdale, Ariz., does know is that tonight's episode of "Idol" will focus on the audition session in Austin, Texas. And Fink confirms that he did audition for "Idol" in Austin; and he did it in an interesting way, singing as a couple with his, then, girlfriend.

There are rumors floating around people who know Fink that he and his girlfriend did make it to the show's Hollywood stage. There's also some word that Fink and his girlfriend were filmed for a feature segment on tonight's program. Fink just said, "You'll see tonight."