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Hubbard County Historical Society receives conservation project grant

Hubbard County Historical Society has been awarded a Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grant from the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) in the amount of $1,488.

The grant was recently approved by the MHS awards committee to support the local Society's Heritage Room Conservation Project.

 According to museum director Margaret Sharp, "The Heritage Room Conservation Project is of enduring value because it will slow or prevent further environmental deterioration of many aged artifacts, including our Native American Collection and donations from early residents in the museum's Heritage Room."

The project begins in December, with an anticipated completion date of June 1. It includes display case barrier board to neutralize harmful gases and ultra-violet protection for lights and windows.

 Without a concerted effort, the state's historic and cultural treasures - including those at the Hubbard County Historical Museum in Park Rapids - are in danger of being lost to time. This grant will help fund removal, cleaning and safe redisplay of items in the museum's Heritage Room.

 MHS will award a total of $6.75 million in Historical and Cultural Heritage Grants to non-profit and educational organizations, government units and tribes during the 2010 and 2011 fiscal years for projects of enduring value for the cause of history and historic preservation across the state.

For more information, including application information, visit cygrants.

 Both Hubbard County Historical Society and MHS are non-profit educational and cultural institutions.

Hubbard County's Historical Museum in Park Rapids was constructed in 1900 as the county's courthouse. MHS was established in 1849 to help illuminate the past as a way to shed light on the future.