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Fargo/DL star Abbi Noah's back to reality

Abbi Noah

It's easy to feel like we "know" Abbi Noah.

After all, we watched the woman, who grew up in Detroit Lakes and spent time in Fargo, pour her heart's hope into a reality TV dating show that dubbed her "Cornfed."

And, later, we saw Noah's heart crack on TV as the beau from her "Real Chance of Love" experience pushed her aside for a solo stance in the spotlight of his 15 minutes.

But as Noah's reality TV resume expands with her current run on VH1's centrifuge of melodrama and greed "I Love Money 4," the girl called Cornfed wants us to know a few more things about her:

She's not fat.

She's not a clumsy non-athlete.

And she's not trying to resurrect her reality TV career through this program that airs at 9 p.m. Wednesdays.

Noah, who's currently working at her family's business in Detroit Lakes, says "I Love Money 4" was taped more than a year ago, before she left Los Angeles to return home.

She also says the experience of the show made her realize she didn't want to chase fame forever. Noah says she even talked to producers during the taping about leaving the set.

"I was upset and crying a lot because (the cast members) were so mean," Noah said earlier this week. "Not only would they talk behind your back, but they would scream at you."

Now that the show's finally airing, she might have wished she had left.

Noah said one of her biggest complaints about her "I Love Money" experience is how the show, through selective editing, has portrayed her to be the resident clumsy, chubby girl in a house full of petite tarts with large fake breasts.

"It's a lot different because on 'Real Chance' I was the sweetheart and could do no wrong and (the show's editors) didn't edit me to take my words out of context," Noah says.

"And I'm not a fat girl by any means. I'm a size 6 and a normal weight. I think it's really disappointing," she says.

As for her athletic skill, Noah says the show scrapped a scene where she sprained her ankle on the first day of taping in Mexico.

"I was really pissed," Noah says.

Fiery words for a woman who has rarely cursed or even insulted her fellow castmates on TV.

But these wounds are still a little fresh, as Noah's reacting to the recent episodes that featured her former female castmates - like the tattooed, pierced and "enhanced" Brittanya - making fun of Noah's physique.

"She was commenting on me being a fat ass," Noah says of Brittanya. "I was like, you've got to be kidding me. She slept with four guys in that house, and she was proud of it."

Plus, Noah says Brittanya's breasts aren't the only fake part of her body; she also has some store-bought booty.

Meow. Signs of a still-volatile catfight?

Not so much.

"I'm still the nice girl," Noah says.

And over the fame chase.

At 28, Noah says she's focusing on other things. She's in a serious relationship and is in the process of buying a home in Detroit Lakes.

She's also doing some on-air work with Fargo's Y94 radio station.

"I'm kind of overdone with the whole reality thing," Noah says.

Actually, some would say she's finally settling back into reality.