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Fully nude strip club shut down by Fargo inspectors for building code deficiencies; Bada Bing owner frustrated

Bar closed by health officials

A few days after a new fully nude strip club opened on the outskirts of Fargo, city inspectors have closed the building until it can be brought up to code.

Ron Strand, head of inspections for the city of Fargo, said inspectors, West Fargo fire department representatives, and state health officials toured the club this morning to determine if it was suitable for use by large crowds of patrons. He said it was readily apparent that there was work to be done.

A comprehensive review of the building has yet to be completed, but Strand said it likely needs include sprinkler installation, additional plumbing, and more exit signs.

The building used to be a storage facility for an electronics company. "It was built as and designed for an industrial use," Strand said. "You can't just turn a warehouse into something else."

Bada Bing opened Saturday. Strand said his department wasn't aware it existed until Wednesday.

Owner Mike Benzinger said he's waiting for a list of things to fix from the city on the advice of his attorney. He said he hopes to get it tomorrow. If the city drags its feet, Benzinger says he'll consider legal action.

"It's real frustrating," he said.