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North Dakota woman named 'Scream Queen'

Gabby West

North Dakota has produced another reality-TV winner, and this champion's going to be featured in the upcoming movie "Saw 3-D."

Gabby West, a Bismarck native, was crowned the latest "Scream Queen" on Monday night when she won the VH1 reality show that aims to find the next horror-movie siren. Aside from the glory that comes with winning, West also was awarded a spot in the latest installment of the "Saw" horror-film franchise, which opens in theaters Oct. 29.

"It's pretty amazing," West said Tuesday afternoon.

And maybe surprising, too. When West was told she won during the show's finale, the actress paused, pointed to herself and asked, "Me?"

"I definitely feel like I grew a lot," West said about the "Scream Queen" experience. "And I feel like this is what I'm meant to do."

Audiences will soon find out if that's true. West's victory ensured she'll be featured in "Saw 3-D," the latest sequel in the popular horror-movie franchise. It's a fortunate role for an aspiring horror-movie actress. But West is mum on the details of her big break.

"I can't talk about it," West said. "It's already been shot. It will probably be at the beginning of the film. It's definitely a good part."

Beyond that, West's future is less defined. She says she's trying to settle on an agent and is already fielding calls to audition for various roles.

Regardless of how her acting career pans out, West has joined a select peer group of women with North Dakota ties who have won reality shows. Nicole Linkletter of Grand Forks and CariDee English of Fargo each won seasons of "America's Next Top Model." And Abbi Noah, a Detroit Lakes, Minn., woman who used to live in Fargo, won the first season of VH1's "Real Chance of Love."