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Fargo's 'Next Top Model' accused of being a slob

CariDee English arrives at the MTV Movie Awards on May 31 in Universal City, Calif.

Fargo native and reality TV star/model CariDee English is in the headlines again, but this time English isn't being praised for her beauty or charisma. This time, she's accused of being a major slob.

English, the striking blonde who won a cycle of "America's Next Top Model" and was host of the reality show "Pretty Wicked," is being accused of trashing an apartment she rented from a New Yorker. The celebrity gossip site Gawker, as well as several other sites, reported the details on Sunday.

According to the Gawker report, which was sent in as a "tip" from the person who rented the apartment to English, the former Fargo woman rented the apartment through Craigslist. But when the renter returned, the scene wasn't pretty. Among the details were "fake orange tan dust all over everything: the pillows, the sheets, the towels, the bathmat, the walls, everywhere. ... As well as an unidentifiable black sludge and lipstick smeared along walls. Fruit flies formed a thick cloud in the kitchen. Band-Aids stuck to the floor...Both puzzling and sickening."

There was also speculation that a remote control was thrown into a wall.

English, who rented the space with her boyfriend, has yet to comment on the accusation.