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Menahga plays 'Deal or No Deal,' high school version

Menahga High School ended Sno-Daze festivities with a game of Deal or No Deal Friday. Teachers, from left, Mary Hansen, Bob Smith, Jen Berg, Ramsey Miller and Kami Johnson, front, held cases that revealed the amounts of money that the contestant's case didn't have. (Photos by Riham Feshir / Enterprise)1 / 2
Student Heather Tormanen eliminated those amounts as a way of getting closer to revealing the amount in the contestant's case. The popular game originated in the Netherlands and came to the United States in 2005. There are 26 cases and one contestant. Money in the contestant's case is determined by eliminating the options in the other cases when they're revealed. By the end, when only two cases are left, the contestant could choose to take a deal from the banker, which could be lower or higher than the a...2 / 2