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Minnesota Museum of American Art hosting listening session at Nemeth Art Center

The Minnesota Museum of American Art is hosting a "listening session" at the Nemeth Art Center to hear your experiences about how creativity fits into your day-to-day life. Anyone with a curiosity in the arts is encouraged to attend the free event Saturday, July 22 from 1-3 p.m.

Is creative expression important to your community? If so, in what ways?

Does American art, as you see it in museums and galleries, reflect your life and that of your friends and neighbors?

What programs would you like to see, or see expanded, for the arts where you live?

The museum is working with cultural organizations around the state to hold community discussions tackling questions like those you see above. Through these conversations, they hope to glean information about the changes necessary to make museum spaces like the Minnesota Museum of American Art truly inviting and open to all who are interested in the arts.

To that end, they are partnering with the Nemeth Art Center to host a discussion where locals can share your experiences. Lunch and refreshments will be served at the beginning of the session.

No prior arts experience is needed to participate in the listening sessions. Anyone with a curiosity in the arts, or who is interested in broadening the reach and impact of regional arts and culture, is encouraged to join the conversations.